Leading the Way

CamProf offers advice, strategy and implementation services in the development and mobility of professionals throughout the working life. We work with both private and public sectors, for small, medium and large enterprises, across Canada, Europe and internationally.

We offer:

  • A track record of innovation and quality
  • A collaborative working style which achieves exceptional results
  • A network of contacts across sectors, countries, types of organizations and areas of expertise
  • A history of follow‐on projects and continuing collaboration with clients and partners.


Our Services

Professional development, competency and training needs assessments

Competency standards for professional, technical and managerial occupations

Evaluation, international comparisons, feasibility studies

Qualifications frameworks, prior learning assessment and recognition

Regulation, labour mobility, immigration, foreign credential recognition

Multinational and cross‐cultural projects; partnerships and multi‐party projects

About Us

CamProf was established in 1994 in the UK as Cambridge Professional Development Ltd. CamProf UK is active in UK and Europe. CamProf Inc was incorporated in Canada in 2011 in the province of Nova Scotia and since then has completed assignments for government, regulatory bodies, national and provincial associations, and many other agencies.

CamProf has a core team of professional staff and an international network of associates.


CamProf launched


Nigel, a seasoned civil engineer with a passion for lifelong learning, establishes Cambridge Professional Development Ltd in the U.K.


Innovation and quality in UK and Europe


Over the next decade, Nigel teams up with John, an experienced IT and HR professional, and a network of associates, to deliver a wide range of projects in the UK and Europe, and establishes CamProf as a leading consultancy in skills development, professional and vocational training, and competency standards.

Coming to Canada


CamProf delivers its first projects in Canada, working with the Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council (CTHRC) and the Council of Ministers of Education (CMEC) in foreign credential recognition. In 2011, CamProf Inc is incorporated in Nova Scotia.

Sea to sea, sector to sector


Within three years, CamProf successfully completes assignments for a wide range of clients in different sectors, including the Association of Community Colleges of Canada (now Colleges and Institutes Canada) and the British Columbia Trucking Association, and further projects for both CTHRC and CMEC.

CamProf delivers the first of many projects in partnership with North Pacific Training and Performance of BC, experts in competency-based training for industry, manufacturing and government.

Cross-cultural and diversity expert Eva joins CamProf as a Director.

Expanded expertise, continued growth


In the short space of 5 years, CamProf expands its portfolio by carrying out 20+ Canadian projects in a wide range of sectors, including two projects for Mining and two for Respiratory Therapy.

CamProf welcomes two new directors, Constance and Guy, who bring added expertise in alternative careers, labour mobility, adult education, and prior learning assessment and recognition.

Meanwhile, back in Europe


CamProf partners with the University of Granada and others to complete two European Union projects on university curricula, conducts three projects for the German national vocational training agency (BiBB), and another for a Polish national agency.

Meet the Team

Nigel Lloyd


Consulting: 23 years

Expertise: professional development, standards of competency, qualifications frameworks

Places: 13 years in Africa and Asia, 17 years in European projects

Other experience: civil engineer in rural infrastructure development projects (roads, irrigation, water supply, sanitation, refugee camps)


Marta Jacyniuk-Lloyd


Consulting: 12 years

Expertise: adult education, vocational education and training, lifelong learning, occupational standards, non-formal learning, policy learning and  borrowing in education

Places: Europe, Canada; born in Poland

Other: former primary school and adult teacher, EU funded project manager, project leader; keen (if not always capable) soprano, and PIMMS connoisseur

John O’Sullivan  


Consulting: 21 years

Expertise: skills development, labor market information, competencies, qualification frameworks, curricula reform

Places: Western & Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Eurasia, Africa

Other experience: HR Director for BAE Systems (33,000 staff), IT Director of BT group; Advisor to UK Dept Trade & Industry

Eva Schausberger  

B.B.Ed, M.B.ED

Consulting: 8 years

Expertise: cross-cultural, foreign qualifications, bias, competencies, self-assessments, project management, research

Places: Europe, Canada

Other experience: teaching adults in employment initiatives 

Guy Fortier 


Consulting: 20 years

Expertise: adult continuing education, vocational and technical training, PLAR, ICT and project management

Places: Québec, France, Germany, Senegal, Chad, Benin, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Lebanon, South India

Other: consultant to UNESCO, former senior advisor to Quebec Ministry of Education, Executive Director of Compétences Montréal, Adult Education and Vocational Training Director

Quick Facts

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Here are some projects we have completed for different clients.

Erasmus + Open Badge Network (OBN)   (www.openbadgenetwork.com)

CamProf is a partner in this EU funded project to raise awareness and participation in micro credentials and certification of informal education in the form of Open Badges. Mozilla Open Badges is an open standard that allows all skills and achievements to be recognised and shared across the web. Schools, universities, employers and informal learning providers globally are using open badges to capture lifelong learning which is currently unrecognised.  OBN aims to:

  • Create the conditions for Europe-wide and worldwide recognition of learning achievements
  • Open and facilitate systematic access to the recognition of non-formal and informal learning
  • Place formal and informal recognition of learning on a par
  • Create new employment and learning opportunities for all
  • Bring a European contribution to the leadership of the world-wide Open Badge movement.

Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC)

CamProf developed a competency framework for diversity and inclusion to assist TRIEC in helping employers make the most of the skills and talents of the Greater Toronto Area’s culturally diverse workforce. CamProf also developed a blueprint for measuring inclusion, and evaluation tools to measure the impact of TRIEC services.

Federation of Law Societies of Canada (FLSC)

CamProf conducted a comprehensive review of the National Committee on Accreditation (NCA) in order to enhance fair registration for internationally-educated law graduates. CamProf assessed the NCA’s system for initial screening, assessment and certification of the credentials of internationally-educated applicants who wish to practise law in common law jurisdictions in Canada.

National Alliance of Respiratory Therapy Regulatory Bodies

CamProf created a new national benchmark for all 24 Canadian respiratory therapy programs. We then and developed and validated a National Competency Framework with additional features and patient focus, replacing an earlier competency profile, together with the associated exam Blueprint.

Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC) for the Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials (CICIC)

CamProf partnered with Vandenburg & Associates to develop a competency profile for Canadian academic credential assessors, followed by a feasibility study for a web-based system to share key credential assessment information, and another on distance education. These three projects provided the first ever comprehensive analysis of the academic credential assessor occupation.


CamProf was a partner in two successive EU projects, working with the University of Granada and several other European universities. UNILO promoted the use of learning outcomes in European universities; PROPOUND promoted EU key competencies in university post-graduate courses.

Mining Human Resources Council

CamProf completed an HR situation report for the mining sector in Canada, and developed three new competency profiles and a careers map.  In a second project, CamProf created and validated 50 occupation profiles, and specified and pilot tested an online careers quiz to attract new recruits to mining.

Immigrant Services Society of BC (ISSofBC)

CamProf worked with ISSofBC and North Pacific Training and Performance Inc to deliver IMPACT (Immigrant Pathways to Alternative Careers in Technology), a project to help immigrants find alternative careers in the technology sectors, and to help employers assess immigrants for jobs in biotechnology, IT and engineering.

Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC, now Colleges and Institutes Canada)

CamProf assessed the feasibility of using High Definition virtual reality and other technologies for pre-arrival assessment and interview of immigrants for ACCC’s Canadian Immigrant Integration Program (CIIP).

Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council (CTHRC)

We have completed eight projects for Tourism including a comparison of Canadian and US professional credentials and development of online training materials.

Financial Services in Europe

CamProf developed the European Financial Advisor competencies, qualification and web-based self-assessment, followed by the EQUALIFISE project piloting the European Qualifications Framework in the financial services sectors in 14 countries.

Psychology in UK and Europe

CamProf updated Standards of Competence for the British Psychological Society plus four follow-on projects including development of a pan-European professional qualification (EuroPsy), and a strategic study of the future direction of occupational psychology in UK - including a study of the labour market, an international bench-marking study, focus groups, visionary interviews. The project set a new standard for the development of professional institutions and their training and qualifications.

Construction in UK and Europe

CamProf completed many projects over 15 years developing, evaluating and building on occupational standards for the UK Construction Industry Council. We also delivered the pan-European APL-Bud accreditation of prior learning project for the Polish construction sector which introduced RPL to Poland.


“In every respect we were very satisfied with the outcome of CamProf’s work as well as with the communication during the whole project time. We would be happy to employ you again or work with you in partnership in the future.”

Dr. Silvia Annen Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB) - Germany

“We have had a business relationship for over five years. […] CamProf is by far the best consulting firm, I have ever dealt with.”

Christiane Menard Canadian Society of Respiratory Therapists